20/20 Realtime Bookkeeping Services

20/20 STRATEGIES, INC. has expanded to meet the needs of clients and many small businesses. In addition to our QuickBooks® and business consulting we offer clients full service bookkeeping and accounting services online. Using our RealTime Bookkeeping System, your accounting and bookkeeping department is as close as the Internet.


We use your QuickBooks® software and data files online.  This online connection is secure, with automatic backups. Your QuickBooks® can be accessed from any online computer and secure password. We do all the input work within 24 hours of receiving your documents.  We reconcile all bank and credit card accounts. You print off payable checks, invoices and financial reports.  At year-end, your financial information is ready for your income tax return.  Because we review and take advantage of every tax deduction daily, your tax liability and tax preparation will be less. With RealTime Accounting, you will have up-to-date information that we can use to better advise you on financial and tax matters.


We can also significantly reduce your paperwork for a paperless office. By setting up virtual online files, we or you scan all your documents, post them into QuickBooks® and then shred them.  Retrieval is fast and easy. You put a keyword into your computer and your documents are ready for review. Then print it off if you want. No more wasted time looking for paper documents.  Usually, the only original paper documents you may need in your office are contracts and legal documents.

Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping services will save you time and money.

Ø No turnover

Ø Pay only for work needed

Ø Pay no payroll taxes and benefits

Ø Special projects billed at reduced hourly rate

Ø Accurately and timely prepared accounting services

Ø Allows you to run your business, not the an accounting department

Ø Access your QuickBooks® and accounting records from any Internet computer

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